Why Go To Amsterdam

Don’t be fooled by the stories you hear about Amsterdam. It’s true that the Netherlands city is a slack look at business women calling out in the red-light district , and “coffee shops” selling an unusual kind or herb for a very discerning customer base However, these descriptions only begin to scratch at the top of the list. When you’re in the middle of an outstanding Indonesian dinner, a late-night canal-side stroll or a trip through the shops that line the Nine Little Streets and you’ll discover the same way as many other travelers already done that there’s a lot more in Amsterdam than you’d imagined.

The city’s loose rules on criminality seem to draw the male-dominated, college-aged crowd, Amsterdam is also ideal for a romantic getaway for two or for an educational outing with your children. There are a myriad of things to do from cycling along the maze of canals, to remembrance of that the Holocaust by looking through Anne Frank; from exploring the vibrant Expressionism that is Vincent Van Gogh to relaxing in the sprawling Vondelpark, Amsterdam can be a perfect fit for a wide range of preferences.


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Amsterdam Travel Tips

Best Months to Visit

The ideal timing to go Amsterdam can be found between the months of April through May or between September and November – just prior to or right following the peak summer tourist season. You’ll have less visitors, enjoy moderate weather (the city’s weather can be notoriously unpredictable) Also, you’ll enjoy Amsterdam like the people do – at their relaxed most relaxed. If it’s a bargain you’re looking for – and are comfortable with temperatures that fall between 30 and 40 degrees range, you must take a trip to the winter months and you’ll be able to find cheaper rates at hotels prices and less crowds at Amsterdam’s most popular places. Whatever time of the season you’re planning to visit You’ll discover that the city has a crowded program of social events (it has more than 300 events a year).

How to Save Money in Amsterdam

  • Buy with an “I amsterdam City Card”This small piece of plastic gives you unlimited, free use of GVB public transport, free access to numerous museums and a free canal cruise, in addition to other benefits, all for an agreed price. What’s the problem? You purchase cards with your credit cardfor 24 (48 72, 96, or 120 hours. You are only able to access offers within the timeframes you specify.
  • Take the step of heel toe. walking instead of taking taxis or public transportation can lower expenses. This small city is extremely walkable. All you have to do is ensure that you leave enough space between yourself and the serious cyclists who use the bicycle lanes.
  • Visit during winter Make sure you have a cozy coat and head to Amsterdam during winter when the low hotelrates will keep you cozy and warm. A bonus is that crowds are at an all time low, and so are the queues for the top tourist attractions.

Culture & Customs

Amsterdammers have a formal language of Dutch however, the majority of residents also are fluent in English It’s disrespectful to imagine that way. If you’re fluent in the language, you can try speaking some Dutch: hallo for “hello” and dank you in the form of “thank you.” However, don’t annoy Amsterdammers by asking “Do you speak English?”

“Going Dutch” is more than just an expression. The Dutch are famous for their thriftiness, but they also have an enormous desire for consumption, which means you can experience “going Dutch” by shopping. Amsterdam’s currency of choice is the euros (EUR). Because the euro to U.S. dollar exchange rate is constantly changing, make sure to verify the conversion rate is prior to your visit. Credit cards with major values are accepted in a majority of establishments and restaurants.

The use of marijuana in Amsterdam is allowed, even though it is it is not legally legal. Since the year 2016 Amsterdam has adopted the following regulations for its coffee shops: No person younger than 18 years old can be allowed in, no alcohol can be served. the shops aren’t allowed to be within 350m from a school, and consumption is restricted to .5 grams per day.

What to Eat

Raw herring and pancakes as well as rice tables too. Amsterdam like other cities in the world is brimming with an array of international and national dishes. For instance, for instance its Dutch pancakes for instance, which can be packed with every possible topping, from blueberries to bacon. (Recent tourists are raving about the Pancake Bakery). Raw herring is a different Netherlands food item that is enjoyed whole. Jenever, also known as Dutch Gin, is another should-try among the most romantic spots to taste it could be at the picturesque Distillery at Nieuwe Diep.

Indonesian rice rijsttafel (or rice tables) which are rice dishes served with spiced meats, fish and vegetables is a hugely sought-after. To find the most delicious dishes, you should try restaurant BlauwSampurna or Restaurant Jun. Indonesian establishments are spread throughout the city. Foods that are cheap and ethnic are usually found around areas like the neighborhood of De Pijp. neighborhood.

For a more luxurious dining experience Try eating at the Negen Straatjes Negen Straatjes( The Nine Streets) or the Reguliersdwarsstraat areas. Foodies also love the cuisine that can be found in Elandsgracht Street in the Canal Ring. Beware of tourist traps within the areas that are party-goers like Rembrandtplein, Leidsepleinand the Red Light District. Tours of food guided by a guide are another fantastic method to get acquainted with the local cuisine scene and taking in authentic Dutch dishes.


While the Netherlands government allows prostitution in the red-light area and marijuana consumption in cafes in the city, tourists must be cautious. People, especially women are advised to be cautious when going around the red-light area at night since the area tends to attract violent groups of males. Possession of marijuana and the use of other drugs that are hard to use, like cocaine and heroin is a sure way to get yourself into some troubles in the eyes of authorities. Prior to visiting your destination, be sure to check the local newspaper to stay up-to-date on the creation of new rules and laws.

Getting Around Amsterdam

The most efficient way to travel around Amsterdam is on a bicycle. Once you’ve landed at the close Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) and are settled in the comforts of your hotel We suggest that you ask about purchasing your own bicycle. A myriad of canals, frustrated drivers, and small roads (ringing with the Canal Belt) make maneuvering the city by car fascinating at best. Furthermore, Amsterdam is known for cycling, and rental stores are everywhere in the city. Furthermore you can take advantage of guided bicycle tours to aid you navigate the city. It’s not easy to navigate a city that’s unfamiliar. may not be the best choice an option for everyone. for those who aren’t that are looking for a more reliable public transportation system called the GVB which provides tram, metro, and bus service. In addition, if you’ve purchased the I amsterdam City Card, every ride on public transport are protected.

At Airport, passengers are able to get to the city center by train, bus or taxi. Taxi costs between the airport and the city’s center generally cost between 40 and 60 euros (about $50-$75). Tourists are advised not to ride with drivers who are soliciting in the airport. Instead look for the taxi counter near the exit of the airport. This is where the official-approved taxi drivers meet.

Entry & Exit Requirements

The validity of a travel certificate is essential to United States citizens entering the Netherlands through sea or air in addition to U.S. citizens trying to enter the country again. Passports are the most popular type of document and children need them also. Passports should remain valid at least 3 months beyond the planned date of departure, although the validity of six months is suggested. Also, they must contain at minimum two blank pages to stamp. U.S. citizens do not require a visa unless are planning to stay longer than 90 calendar days.

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