Why Go To Florence

The tiny city, hidden in the Tuscan hills is a lingering shadow over the history of. The source for the Renaissance, Firenze (or Florence) sheltered the influential Medici family as well as instilled artists such as Michelangelo (David ) and Brunelleschi (the Duomo). If it wasn’t for stylish Italians and the chic shops that line theVia Tornabuoni, it’s possible to imagine that you were through time into the fourteenth century. However, Renaissance art isn’t the only reason to visit It is also a great time to are in Florence for its stunning sunsets and its Italian cuisine, and its romantic appeal. Enjoy your stay in Florence by letting Florence’s locals show you the city in one Florence’s most popular tours.



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Florence Travel Tips

Best Months to Visit

The ideal season to go to Florence will be between June and September. the warm weather brings art fairs, outdoor eating and the kind of Italian sunshine that has inspired the Renaissance artists. However it also brings scorching temperatures, a swarm of tourists and costly hotel rates. If you’re visiting in the winter months you’ll be able to enjoy reduced rates on rooms and smaller lines in the Uffizi. However, the weather won’t be as warm as temperatures drop into the low 30s F.

How to Save Money in Florence

  • Find a hotel on the outskirts of town.For an genuine (not forgetting, budget-friendly) experience, choose an hotel located on the outskirts. You’ll wake up to the splendor in Tuscany’s Tuscan mountains, plus are only a train ride away from Renaissance central.
  • Think about the Firenzecard The card cost 85 euros (or around $95) and comes with 72 hours of validity, allows access to many cities’ top tourist attractions which include Uffizi, the Uffizi as well as the Galleria dell’Accademia at a single cost.
  • Be smart about your diningStay far from the tourist spots in case you’re hungry. Restaurants are usually expensive in this area. Within and around Mercato Centrale Florence is a great place to get a bargain on Italian food.

Culture & Customs

The notion to la bella figure is is very significant to Italian culture. Literally translated to “the beautiful figure,” la bella figure covers everything from the person’s attire to their actions and manners. For Italians everything must be beautiful.

A few Italian phrases can be helpful, and even learning the language can earn your points from Italians who are typically eager to assist should they spot you trying. In any establishment, whether in a restaurant or a store it is acceptable to say goodbye and greet to staff members even if you don’t buy something. An informal buongiorno upon entering and an arrivalerci at the exit will suffice. Ciao is also acceptable, however it is not as formal. As in America Please ( per favore) and thank you ( grazie) will do a lot.

A lot of establishments, including restaurants or grocery stores as well as tourist spots – are closed on Sundays. Even though Florence attractions usually be open during normal hours but many of them will have the opportunity to take a midday napafter the lunch time. Some Florence attractions will be closed for on a different day of the day during week (besides Sunday) So, make sure to research the attractions and their hours prior to making your plans.

Comparatively with the United States, Italians have an unintentionally loose sense of privacy. Don’t be surprised when they extend more than an initial handshake. Kisses between mouths and cheeks are not uncommon. Follow their example and remember the following: Reciprocation is a the most beautiful figura and pulling away is rude. If you’re being rude, not point with your index finger since the majority of Italians use the entire four fingers. Don’t point at anything by putting your index finger and your pinky It’s considered rude.

In the end, Italy’s official currency is euro. Because the euro to U.S. dollar exchange rate changes, you should know the conversion rate prior to your trip. Credit cards with major denominations are accepted in most establishments and restaurants.

What to Eat

Florence is known not just for its famed art but also for its easy and delicious food, and the wine it produces from its neighboring towns of Tuscany. Although restaurants are often priced too high, you can do what they do as Italians do and go to the Mercato Centrale Firenze to buy fresh ingredients cheese, bread, and meat, and then prepare your own meals. Some of the most popular excursions in Florence will also guide you through the market and teach you how cook as an Italian. If you prefer to eat at a restaurant some recent visitors were raving about the delicious Italian food and the warm atmosphere in Pitti Gola e Cantina as well as the Osteria of the Cinghiale Bianco located near The Boboli Gardens. If you’re looking to have a romantic dinner you can make reservations for dinner at the Ristorante la Giostra which is a cozy restaurant that is renowned for its exquisite food, extensive wine selection (bottles are stocked in every corner in the dining room) and for being the former home in The Salvemini Carousel in the Square.

Tuscan cuisine is about simplicity. Pasta dishes that are flavorful and only made with just a handful of ingredients are diverse and rich. The meats and fish are popular in the Tuscan dishes. Similar to the majority of the Mediterranean olive oil, it is a crucial ingredient in almost every dish.

Florence is also brimming with numerous gelato bars. Pistachio is the primary factor that differentiates between good gelatos from the less than stellar ones (the darker the color the more flavorful). There are real gelaterias featuring pistachio-flavored gelato all around on the Piazza di Santa Croce and in Oltrarno.


When you are in Florence the biggest security concern is pickingpockets. It is no secret that the Santa Maria Novella train station is a frequent site of pickpockets and so do the buses in the city. Be wary and keep an watchful eye on your purse or purse will keep thieves from your reach. Apart from pickpockets, there are a variety of other frauds to beware of when you are walking around Florence particularly in the heavily-trafficked areaslike the Duomo. They may come up to you and offer you something (such as jewelry or a tiny trinket). They could force it into your hand or on your wrist before asking for payment. If you are approached by someone offering an “free” gift, politely (but strongly) go on.

Getting Around Florence

The most effective method of getting around Florence is on foot. You can actually walk from one side of Florence to the other within 30 minutes, taking in many famous landmarks on the way. A ride on one of the ATAF bus is also an alternative. In order to get to the city center there are many people who take flights to Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA) in Pisa and make an extra stop at its Leaning Tower before taking the train to the main station, Stazione di Firenze Santa Maria Novella. It is also possible to fly into the smaller Amerigo Vespucci Airport (FLR) in Florence and then take an Uber or a taxi to the city’s center. Car rentals are not recommended due to narrow roads that are one-way create a mess for drivers and many areas are restricted to solely to pedestrians, or for traffic with a permit.

Entry & Exit Requirements

You’ll require an original passport that has at minimum two blank pages in order to journey into Italy out of Italy from the United States. To travel to Italy, U.S. citizens must have an active passport valid for at minimum six months after the length of stay. However, you are able to remain within Italy in Italy for as long as 90 days with no visa. If you want to stay longer period of time should inquire with Italy’s Italian Embassy or Consulate. 

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