Why Go To London, England

It is said that the English poet Samuel Johnson famously said, “You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Over two decades are passed in Johnson’s time and his words remain true to this day. Living in London is exhilarating and visitors discover that a single trip does not suffice to see everything the city’s two millennia-old history offers to visitors.

London, England

The old-fashioned clasps here are replaced hands, but they are modernized. There’s the historical Tower of London as well as contemporary Tate Modern. It is possible to see Shakespeare’s plays as well as contemporary productions in the Shakespeare’s Globe and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. While Londoners continue to praise the virtues to tea have room in the market for Starbucks or Costa Coffees here and there and even juice pressed. The city is an active leader in everything from banking and politics to music and fashion London’s compass of culture is constantly adjusting to what’s coming next.


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London, England Travel Tips

Best Months to Visit

The ideal season to travel to London is from March to May when the weather is moderate and the city’s parks are lush and green. But, the end of spring – and summer – is also the prime tourist season, and hotels and flight prices reflect this increase. It’s more likely to discover deals on flights and accommodations in the fall and winter months however you’ll also experience cold temperatures. In December, London is also a popular time to visit during the holiday season and you can expect the streets to be jammed with English and foreign tourists. Whatever time you decide to travel, make sure you have an umbrella. London is known for its rainy days and misty weather all year. If you’re concerned regarding traffic, weather, or other unpredictability factors You might want to think about the possibility of an international insurance policy for travel or an cancellation for any reason policy to get more comprehensive coverage.

Another thing to bear in mind is that it’s virtually impossible to avoid the crowds of London. In addition to having the distinction of being among the most populated cities across Europe, London is one of the most sought-after places to visit around the world So regardless of the season you visit there, you’re likely to bump across a lot of tourists.

How to Save Money in London, England

  • Find free attractions A lot of London’s best activities, including Hyde Park, the National Gallery, Hyde Park, the British Museum and Hyde Park, are free to experience (though tickets may have to be reserved online in advance in certain cases).
  • Take out an Oyster card The London subway, commonly called “the Tube” is the most efficient method to travel across the city however, it can add rapidly if you purchase tickets on a daily basis. Oyster Card rates are not just more affordable, but they will also allow you to feel as the locals.
  • Eat smart Corridors such as Brick Lane offer fantastic ethnic food at a bargain price; Fish and chips shops are a great alternative (not to be missed as a cultural necessity) and food delivered is less expensive than dine-in.
  • You might want to consider the London Pass This pass covers access to many of London’s top sights, including Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Hampton Court Palace at a single cost.

Culture & Customs

London, England

Other than a few specific phrases and phrases, Americans find the city easily accessible due to the city’s officially English language. British people are courteous and hospitable to visitors So don’t be afraid to ask for directions in case you’re stuck. The majority of the time Londoners will gladly point you in the right direction or even give you a suggestion regarding their city. However, remember that the British prefer rules and order. There’s no better example of how you’re required to behave in the Tube (London’s subway). Always stand to the left when going either up or down the elevators.

Another aspect of the Brits and especially the younger adults is the love for drinking. Contrary to the coffee shops of the U.S., pubs are the preferred drinking spots for Brits. The majority of pubs offer food and are open for the majority of the time So don’t be concerned when you see people strolling through with children. When 5 o’clock comes around it’s a time when the desire for an afternoon pick-me-up is commonplace in London pubs and bars, usually be packed throughout the week. Expect to see masses of people gathering in pubs during warmer months and even some going out at 9 p.m. Also, because London is among the most fashionable cities in the world, expect to see people dressed to impress all over the city, but particularly on Oxford Street, where many magazines and fashion houses are situated. If you’ve ever thought of going the extra mile in your fashion sport, London can be the perfect place for you to go to.

The official currency of London can be described as the British pound. Because the pound to U.S. dollar exchange rate is constantly changing, make sure you know which exchange rates are current prior to you leave. In terms of tipping, certain cafes and restaurants may charge charges for service on the bill, which can be upwards of 12 percent. If a service fee is not imposed in the bill, you are expected to leave between 10 to 15%, particularly when dining in an establishment. If you’re at the bar or a wine bar the tipping policy is discretionary. In a taxi you can tip the driver up at the closest pound or around 10% of price. Credit cards of all kinds are accepted in most establishments and restaurants.READ MORE

What to Eat

London was often condemned because of its heavy and boring menu items. The fish and chips (fried fish, typically cod, french fries). Bangers and Mash (sausages and potato mash). Mince meat pie. It’s easy to see. In the present, London is hailed as one of the top cities to eat. In addition, with its diverse culture It’s easy to understand the reason. London has everything from contemporary British to Malaysian food.

To taste the finest of the diverse dishes London offers it is essential to be aware of where to go. The culinary tour is a fantastic option to start your journey. If you are looking for Indian food, you can visit the curry houses along Brick Lane. If you’re looking for an authentic experience at a high tea make reservations for the langham, the london, the lanesborough, the ritz or Claridge’s however, be certain to dress to impress. Typically, smart casual clothing is acceptable (think collared shirts and dress pants or slacks). If you’re a fan of gourmet dining, make sure to visit the Clerkenwell area. You’ll discover St. JOHN the restaurant that became famous for its use of the whole carcass of meat in its meals, known by the term “nose-to-tail” dining.

If you’re one for celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay has a number of restaurants in the city, including the three-Michelin-star-rated Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. If you’re looking for something that’s a little different, you should try the three-star Michelin-rated brasserie sketch with bathrooms that look like egg-shaped pods when you enter instead of the traditional toilets. There’s as well the Attendant (a smaller chain of caf├ęs) which has a Fitzrovia location is in what was once the Victorian bathroom. You won’t have to worry about it, it’s spotless in many ways. London also has some excellent rooftop restaurants. If you want a delicious meal with views take a trip for Sushi Samba or the Duck and Waffle that is advertised as the top restaurant that is open 24 hours a day within London in the U.K. from its 40th-floor perch.

Sure, high-end food is very well-known in London however, it isn’t a bad idea to try the classic dishes. Alongside the classic bangers and mash, and Fish and Chips (which many believe tastes better in pubs with fancy eateries) You should also take time to enjoy the traditional English morning meal or Sunday roast. Both are extremely filling and are a cherished culinary tradition in the Brits. If you’re traveling and don’t want an (admittedly costly) sandwiches in Pret A Manger, look out a pastry stand. Pasties are delicious pastries usually filled with potatoes, meat or some other vegetables. Pasties are nutritious and affordable and are easily found in more extensive train stations in London like Waterloo, King’s Cross and Victoria stations.

If you’re looking to get an experience of British life, but not going to London’s most popular tourist attractions It’s best to go to the local pub. Pubs are a great place to enjoy the same drinks that are served in American bars, however it is a must to have a go at cider. There are a range of styles and flavors to choose from traditional apple-based ciders such as Magners as well as Strongbow and perry a drink that is fermented that is made from the pears. There are many pubs that serve food throughout the day. There are likely to be traditional British food at a fraction of the cost in pubs, compared to dining establishments that serve a sit-down meal.


London is generally considered to be a safe city, but travellers should pay attention to certain safety tips. According to the U.S. State Department advises travelers to use only licensed black taxis. Private taxis disguised as taxis have been reported to defraud customers, make mugs, or sexually assaulting customers. To ensure their safety, tourists should contact the taxi service and book a car direct (hotels can assist in arranging transportation also). Also, travelers should be aware of thieves who are known to target tourists using the Tube or at tourist destinations. It is recommended that tourists avoid tourist attractions. U.S. State Department also urges tourists not to leave their drinks in nightclubs or bars because there has been instances of robbery and even rape when drinks are filled with illegal substances.  In the past few years, London has also been the focus of numerous terror attacks, five of which took place in the year 2017 in the year 2017 alone. According to the U.S. Department of State, terrorist groups continue to plot attacks, therefore more vigilantism is needed. Travelers must be vigilant about their surroundings.

Getting Around London, England

The most convenient way to get around London is to take the quick-transit London Underground, or what locals refer to as “the Tube.” It is possible to use it on the Tube directly from Heathrow Airport (LHR) which is one of the most crowded airports in the world into the city’s central area. This system, which is efficient and widespread, extends across London in addition to other cities, and is very simple to navigate. The purchase of an Oyster card can further ease your journey as it can be utilized to travel on the Underground system and on city buses as well as other modes of transportation. Travelers should be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as walkingmeandering will be the most exciting method of exploring the city. 

Entry & Exit Requirements

Valid passports are required to U.S. citizens entering the United Kingdom. There are no visas for tourists for trips less of six months. If you are planning to visit other continents of European countries, it’s recommended to have the remaining validity of six months in your travel documents. For more details,

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